Tuesday, August 30, 2016

WHAT Postal Strike???

For anyone concerned...Canada Post Employees have again served a 72 hour strike notice while they continue to negotiate a contract.

However...people are reading between the lines and not reading the fine print.

Canada Post no longer has the leverage they used to have with snail mail.  Email and cell phones have greatly reduced their services to mostly packages.  So no one is taking their strike seriously.  Because Canada Post has little if any leverage...basically people are saying...OK...Go on strike then.

Even then...IF...they do go on strike...the fine print reads...

"...roving shut down..."

Which means they will stop services temporarily at one outlet while the others continue.  Then they will resume operations at that outlet and go to the next outlet and do the same thing.

Canada Post will continue to ship.  they will simply pick selective outlets to temporarily shut down for a few days while they continue to negotiate. 

Basically...its business as usual.

UPDATE:  Like I said, read the fine print.  They reached a deal.  There is no strike.

Unions/Strikes...what a messed up concept.  People go on strike and lose wages while doing so.  The money the company saves on wages while everyone is on strike is then offered back to them.  Costing the company nothing really while workers get the illusion they won.

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