Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Back To Basics

I started this blog with a purpose.  The purpose was to help others with casting and making molds.  It was fun, it was stress free.

Somewhere along the way, I lost my focus and it became about making/selling action figures.  Ever since that moment, I have been stressing out about stock and sales numbers.  I lost my love for casting and have pushed it mostly to the curb.  It wasn't fun any more.  Casting videos never got made.  A lot of planned video's never got made because I was knee deep into making figures or stressed out so much I wouldn't make anything.

It was starting to manifest itself in ugly ways with me having mini breakdowns because of basic human nature.  People are unpredictable.  you cant plan for that.

IM DONE!  Im not making production runs anymore.  I'm going back to making what I want as the urge hits me.  No more deadlines.  One off custom figures made in the process of mold experimentation.  You want one...ask me.

If you want to buy the finished customs great.  If not then its something Im glad I made for myself.  Like the clear mini Microtron.  If you need accessories and I can help I will.

But the focus is going to be on molds and mold making.  So if you want a Jade, or a Ronin or Missile packs or ANYTHING at all including past figures...you will have to ask.  Im not making items to sell, but I will make an item if you ask.    I will keep a small inventory of custom figures, but Im not making 25 of one figure any more.  I have a shitload of various colored parts and Im going to start using them to make customs.

 Im proud of what I have accomplished...but not proud of how I have been handling the pressure in the process.  I've been rude for no reason on a couple of occasions.  So its back to the basics.  And I think you guys will actually like the end result a lot more.

Back to molds and mold making.  I want to have fun again.  Time to reset.

This does NOT affect Jade.  Im still making the six for those who completed the poll.  And occasionally, I will advertise something for sale, but the focus is molds. 

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  1. Seems a reasonable approach Gold Dober, I'm asking for those tiny Diaclone pilots in translucent when you get to them; I can't imagine anyone doing a better take on these than you.