Saturday, October 8, 2016

Jade Poll Critical For Production

I don't want to sit on 25 figures if no one is interested in them.  Conversely, with cure time and assembly it takes me a week from pouring casts to shipping out.  I don't imagine people are willing to wait up to 20 weeks on a wait list while I make figures for one order at a time.

So what do I do?  How many figures do I make?  How can I gauge interest?

My poll on Jade is the only tool/gauge I have at my disposal.  If 2 people complete the poll, that's how many figures I will make for sale.  It worked perfectly for Deimos.  No one emailed me complaining they missed out on him, so Im using the POLL as my gauge.  If anyone misses out and the production numbers were low enough I will make more to order but if I have moved on to another project it will have to wait until the current project is done.

My production limit on any figure is 25.

Production units of past figures...

Flight Commander...25

That said, I am willing to make a few more Sultans or Roboids, but there is no packaging anymore.

Once Jade is finished as a project, I'll move straight onto Ronin ( mini King Atlas) and then I'll open the phones and make missile packs for those who want them for past figures.  Both Jade and Ronin will have missile packs instead of glider wings.

There will be no production limits or deadlines for the mini missile pack.  They will always be available.

In fact, I should make a list of available casts.  Coming soon.  lol.

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