Saturday, October 8, 2016

My POV on the New Micronauts Comics :-(

ok...Hmm!...I was given a copy of the NEW Micronauts comics today.

I give this comic a FAIL!  Its the artwork to that I refer to that sucks.  Forget the story line.  Who cares?  The artwork puts this in Indie territory.  Maybe a college student trying to make a few extra bucks. 

The comic itself is not a comic.  Its a magazine.  High gloss pages that render Silly Putty obsolete and the pages slip through your fingers.  Yeah... I would never buy these especially at the prices they are charging.

The story...WHAT story?  I cant get past the artwork to read it.  It could be the best story line ever.  But with the distracting artwork that its put beside, no one will read it.  I couldn't get past page one.

If it AINT broke...don't fix it.  Why does everything have to be new and improved when there was nothing wrong with old and lousy except that its older?  Its because of these multiple artists trying to put different spins on things that Micronauts cant get off the ground.  There is no continuity.  Every version is different.  Its like the they are trying to get the Micronauts off the ground by trial and error.  Throw it against the wall until eventually something sticks.  A recipe for complete disaster.

They need to be grounded.  The only way currently that the Micronauts will ever be mainstream is if anyone who knows anything about Micronauts died tonight and they were re introduced to a public that has never heard or seen them before.

Its time they conceded that, tweaked the characters and gave them different names.  Because Micronauts are the sad sack of action figures and until some continuity to the original design and storyline is put in will always be just a rag of a magazine.

Oh Micronauts...what has become of my beloved Micronauts of my youth?  :-(

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