Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Situation Avoided...Thank You J Ross

I just wanted to say thank you to a special man...Jonathon Ross.

Its always difficult when you dont understand someone's situation and we as people are reluctant to open up personally about our immediate situations, so we don't always understand the why's of what people do.

Jonathon Ross I have to thank twice.  Once for being one of the key people to help me get the car of my dreams.  The second time...unbeknownst to him...is for helping me keep it.

My personal situation took an immediate hit last week and if it were not for Jonathon Ross, I would have been forced to sell my car this week. Yes...my Javelin.

Mr Jonathon Ross...Thank You for all you have done.  You don't know the half of it...as I don't with you and others...and I wanted to thank you publicly before I thank you personally.

Special thanks also go out to Lonnie, Rumel, Bwana and the many others who helped make getting the car a reality.

 And Mr Jonathon Ross...thank you a second time.

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