Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Earth Magnets A Bust

Well I may know a lot about metal...I know nothing of magnets.

I need new magnets.  I cant use what I have.  Earth Magnets cannot be machined.  If you aren't careful, they shatter easily in a vice.  They lose the magnetic attraction if you grind them and they cannot be drilled except maybe with a carbide drill which I didn't try because we don't stock carbide drills below 1/8".

I could use the smaller earth magnets...but that would shorten the figure and change the look a bit.  WTF... lets try it anyway.

So I need to find magnets more akin to the ones used for the fridge for the...um...we need a new identifier...

DOBERNAUTS.  Sure...why not.  Lets run with that.  lol.

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