Saturday, November 12, 2016

Magnets Slighty Big

Well the new magnets 5mm x 5mm x 3mm are slightly big.  I grabbed an endmill from work and will mill them to height.  Its not much.  Im going to see if its worth it to drill the magnet and cure it to the resin or use Gorilla glue and forego drilling the magnet.  The holes are extremely small, but they will still reduce the magnets power so it might not be in the best interests to do so.  We'll see.  Im going to make both and see which is better.

I have the molds made now, but I want to make some pins first.  Im going to make at least one with a complete urethane body and arm pins just to see how if the urethane will be able to take it with the arm pins being so small.

I put the endmill in the drill press.  I use a 2 axis Vise and can then do limited milling.  I put a small piece of metal (coat hanger will be perfect) in the same drill press and can quickly file an arm pin in minutes. 

 I'll be posting the completed smush mold along with a sample figure in the next couple of days.

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