Monday, November 28, 2016


With the recent magno sale, Im left with a disaster area that used to be my collection room.  Collection rooms have a life of their own.  You put a figure in one place and weeks, maybe months later, you find the 'perfect' spot for it someplace else in the room. 

So I am back at ground zero re arranging the room.  As I slowly get the room back together, items previously stored are now being pulled out of the closet.  And as the room slowly comes around, a section of my room is being dedicated to my customs.  When I look at them I see figures that need to be built and now have the room for.

With a focus on molds, I now have a nice plethora of molds with which to make stuff in my spare time and every few months I'll pop a bunch up for sale.  I'll update every so often to show the figure(s) produced.

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