Friday, December 30, 2016


Im a cheap prick.  In the wrong places. 

Are you like have a perfectly good stereo from the 80's you just cant throw out because it still works?  You have a perfectly good tube TV.  Cant bring yourself to throw it out because there is nothing wrong with it?  Well then chances are you, like me, are fighting yourself and have made more work for yourself because you, like me, are a cheap prick in the wrong places.

Being cheap in the wrong places, and taking this long to realize it almost got me to call casting quits.

As I have furthered my skills at casting, I have developed systems and molds which significantly reduce the amount of work I need to do.  Yet that requires making newer updated molds.  Which I made and make as the need arises.  But I keep using older molds that there is nothing wrong with except I need to do extra drilling or sanding.  The more time I spend drilling and sanding, especially harder cured resins, the more I have come to not want to continue making figures.

I have spent the last week working on some figures.  Its nice not having deadlines or promises to live up to...And it suddenly hit me.  I had made some VERY nice molds.  But because the old ones were still good, I kept using them.  Well one of the old molds finally crapped out and I pulled out the newer mold.  This newer mold had updates done to it which shaved over half an hour of work per part. Then I found more newer molds, but I kept using the older ones because I could still use them with a bit of work.   Not realizing this bit of extra work per figure was slowly killing my enthusiasm.

I was too cheap to throw out the old molds because of the time I spent to make them.  Sometimes its better to cut your losses.  Which I am now doing.  Im updating all my molds so I don't kill myself and my enthusiasm with all this extra work.

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