Thursday, December 15, 2016

Flickr Moving To Google

Yahoo is being a PITA...I understand they have had issues with security...luckily I don't pass sensitive information through Yahoo mail.  As it best Yahoo is a complete joke.  I got talked into opening a Flickr account years ago...its on the right side...Homeworlds Flickr pics. 

Because Yahoo is at best a 3rd rate service on the and a better question...WHY are they still around?  Like an athlete who doesn't know when to give it up and retire.  Does anyone really seriously use Yahoo anymore?

Their security or lack thereof is why...Im ditching Yahoo.  Come the new year, I will be closing my Flickr account. and severing my ties with Yahoo. 

So if you haven't stolen any pictures that are in there yet...better hop to it.  I only keep pics of my customs in there.

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