Saturday, December 24, 2016


After close to 11 years of shiftwork.....Im feeling it.  Can you tell?  I just don't have the energy I used to have.  Im tired all the time...

But I have taken the next week off and am spending some of it making stuff.  I need different magnets for the Dinonauts.  Earth magnets are just too powerful.

Im remaking among other things my Magno Collection in 3 3/4" form...that will include Chromed 3 3/4" figures.  I have a few figures to make for some friends...and Mr need to email me.

Im going to be going through all my parts and turning them into "Planned" 3 3/4" customs.   No Circus Figures.  And there will be other custom figures offered up for sale as well.  No packaging.

I have some Clear Full urethane figures coming up as well.  Now to see if I can beat this cold I just contracted 3 days ago...its a bad one too.

So for now...Have a Safe and Merry Holiday Season and a VERY Happy New Year!

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