Friday, January 27, 2017

Figures, Marauder, This N That

Work is ongoing on 3 3/4" figures.  Im finding balance and enjoying it.  Im taking a break from making 3 3/4" figures this weekend to make a couple of molds.  Then I will FINALLY be able to make a finished version of Marauder.  I have no idea at this time how far to take Marauder, but Im taking a slower, less stressful approach to goals/dreams.  Im happy with it now so why tarnish a good thing by pushing too hard.

Among the various 3 3/4" figures I making for September's Sale will be a couple of Crystal Roboids.  I have no idea on how many I'll make and how many will be full urethane.  We'll see how it hits me.  The less promises/commitments I make, the more I seem to get done.  lol.

 Please note that I am no longer screwing the Chest Canopy on.  The screws have been eliminated on all Roboids after the original run.

At present...Im currently making the missile packs one unit with the missiles glued in to the holder.  Mostly because frequent playability and continual use runs the risk of breakage because the pins are very thin in diameter. 

I a toying with the idea of making magnetic feet as well as a 5 mm peg hole in 3 3/4" figures.

We'll see...I have a mentally draining week coming up.  So Im going to keep things simple for myself right now.

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