Monday, January 23, 2017

Yes Im Still Here

That's the problem with being a one man show.  There is only so much you can do at once. 

Once the molds are made, there's precious little to talk about at that point.  The time is then toput the molds to use and make stuff.  And that's where I am.  I have made 8 figures and am going strong making more. 

I got the new head for Jade to replace my lost master.  Im making a mold for Marauder which when done will mean...5" Marauder is very close to seeing the light of day.

Plus Im trying to put together my new comedy crime fighting duo.  The concept is hilarious according to others.

So while it seems quiet over here...Im working VERY hard making figures.  I just simply do one thing at a time.  I'd post pics but I don't want to ease anyone until they are all ready.

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