Monday, January 9, 2017

You Lost What?

The super nice master in hi detail for Jade.  Some how...I lost it.  This is a first but fortunately I can replace it.  I need to make another mold of the head and I'll be damned if I can find.  I ordered another and it'll be here in 2 weeks.

What was more surprising was the stuff I found looking for it.  You know the stuff Im talking about.  You put it somewhere safe so you wont forget about it.   So there was that....finding things I know I would be looking for real soon.

While replacing the lost head is easy enough...It still bugs me that I lost it in the first place. 

You now what they say...It only happens once.

When it arrives I'll make Ronin.  Then its just the matching Steeds.  I will remake my former magno collection in 3 3/4" format.  Ambitious?  Maybe a little bit...but when its done...


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