Tuesday, February 28, 2017

3.5 Hours Later

Another great thing about Lego is it provides lay out lines with the height of the block.  So it helps with measuring.  You remember how much of each A and B you use for each set up.

OR...if your smart...you keep a notebook of specific hints and cheats for yourself.  You move on to other projects and maybe 3 years later you pick up an old project.  Sometimes its nice to have those notes.  There was at least once or twice I forgot something VERY simple that caused me of end of aggravation.

The reason it took me 3 and a half hours to bed this master is because it is built up.  I could have sunk this master into the clay, but I need it to stay firmly and securely in the silicone.  If I take the time and build up the clay bed around it, it removes easily because the master isn't imbedded into the clay which would hold it more firmly than we want and possibly dislodge the master from the 1st half of the silicone mold.

I built the clay up 2 layers of Lego block height.  I use a medium clay which needs to be worked so its a chore.

This pelvis is for the 5" Marauder.   The pegs broke off because the clearances were off.  So with them out of the way, I ground the proper clearance in.  Then I made the mold.  This no peg pelvis is for the 5" Marauder Magno.  Then I drilled a hole and installed a 5mm peg for the thighs to mount to.

Tomorrow night I'll have all the molds to make both the 5" magno and 5" Marauder.  But I only have the parts currently for 1 magno.  The Magno Marauder is not my focus at this time.  I simply want a basic 5" Marauder on my desk top so I can finally say I made it.  After so many disappointments.  I walked away from the project countless times in frustration.  So dammit...I want one now and will make more later after I get the Jade figures made.

Yep...I like the way this is going.  I feel better, I look forward to making the figures now.  No pressure.  No deadlines.  No stress.  Figure are getting made and projects are slowly getting done.

Its gonna be a great year.

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