Friday, February 24, 2017

3D Prints Arent Perfect

Booger.  I had hoped once I reworked the thighs on the 5" Marauder and I was done.  Not so.

The pelvis was a bad print.  I just didn't know and couldn't tell.  So when I put the thighs on the pelvis, the pegs would break off because the clearance was not there.  There were also 2 holes in the print.  One filled with silicone when I first made a mold of it and I filled the other with clay.  With the pegs broken off, I have ground the clearances nto the pelvis.  Im making a mold of it to use the pelvis with no pegs for the 5" magno.  Lucked out there.  Then I'll install the 5mm pelvis pegs and make the final pelvis mold for Marauder.

There was definitely more work to Marauder than I thought.  Then I get to go through the whole process again with a 3 3/4" Marauder.  Fun.

So maybe...MAYBE...with any luck I can get these final 2 molds done this weekend.

I don't know why I want those molds done so bad right now.  They just mean more work when Im already losing ground.  lol.

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