Saturday, February 25, 2017

How much is 100 MB?

ok...I took a test video.  RAY MILLER Im not.  Forget the Blair Witch Project.  I suck.  But it was a  test.  I shot 3 minutes of video.  I cant upload it to my blog because its over (apparently) 100 MB.  

It was a 3 minute video.  So if a 3 minute video is over 100 MB... Im stuck with still photo's and long posts.  Sorry guys.

It seems whatever technology you buy you are then required to take a 6 month course on it to be able to operate it competently.  Why not just make the shit USER FRIENDLY?  New symbols, new language...heck I had to rewrite this post 3 times because parts of it just keep disappearing on me.  That's an everyday occurrence here.

I'll see if I can get the video's up on you tube and link them.  I hate hassles.  Not problems...BS hassles.  Just once I would like things to work as expected.

I was simply born 400 years to late.

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