Saturday, February 11, 2017

No Marauder This Weekend

Well, I made the molds and made the casts for a 5" Marauder and started fitting things together.

There are some issues with clearances on the masters that need to be addressed.  Its way more work than I anticipated as the masters themselves will need to be reworked. 

So unfortunately its not this weekend.

I have run into so many problems and continue to run into so many problems getting this figure and the comic made...some days I want to just give up on it altogether.  Its frustrating.  Every time I feel like Im making progress another shoe drops.   Im closer today than I was 4 years ago and Marauder WILL eventually get made...but I gotta be honest...I have lost all enthusiasm for the project.  It will get made, but there is no sense of fulfillment.  Im simply going through the motions because I have too much time and money invested into it.  Its become a symbol of systematic failure to me.

Marauder being made will be done with no fan fare or enthusiasm.  One day it will simply be available for sale.  Sorry...Im just SO frustrated with this.

Well...back to the 3 3/4" least they are going well and I believe I have all the issues worked out that were hounding me in the past with them.  Im really enjoying making them for the first time in a long time.

So there is that little bit of good news.  :-)

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