Thursday, February 9, 2017

This N That

I have temporarily switched projects for a couple of days. 

I found a company that has off sizes for rivets.  Jay Cee only stocks hard sizes.  1/4", 3/8" etc.  This new company I am now using (Hanson Rivets) stocks rivets in 1/32 lengths.  Which is REALLY convenient for me as the 1/4" length rivets are too short for the knees and the 3/8" are too long.  This has caused me no end of problems in the past.  They stock 9/32" long semi tubular rivets.  Yeah team!

I should have them by mid next week.  So Im holding off finishing the 3 3/4" figures until they arrive.   So in the meantime...

Im working on the 5" version of Marauder.  I have one mold left to make.  The mold of the left thigh which is currently in progress and tomorrow night I can start putting a 5" Marauder together.  I am hoping if all goes well to have a 5" Marauder...the very 1st one EVER done by Monday morning.  Not sure of the color scheme, but expect purple or dark blue to be a predominant color.

Im running the OOMOO 30.

Any comic book artists/illustrators out there looking for work?  I have a 33 page one shot Im trying to get made.  I have a story.  I just need an illustrator.

This summers first September Sale will feature past figures in various custom colors, urethanes and maybe...MAYBE...I might let a couple of 5" Marauders leave the nest.  Im also planning to reward those who have bought past figures with extra cost savings for your support over the years. 

You wont want to miss this sale!

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