Monday, February 20, 2017

Tinting Is Getting Easier

Some times you run a bunch of parts from the same batch because you need the consistent color and one freaky cast just says...Nuh uh.  Great.  Now you have to try and match a tint which is much harder than it sounds. 

I have in the past run of as many as 7 casts before I was able to get a good match sometimes.  As you can well imagine, I do have surpluses of parts in varying shades of one color.  Well, the clear blue is a bit darker than I wanted, but the Orange Clear Overlord which is now n Orange clear Flight Commander came out great in 2 tries.  They are urethane so they'll take a couple of days to cure.

So next is to make some replacement molds.  The only problem is all the molds I need to make are replacement or final mold.  Which means the bed is a previous mold.  So I'll make a whole bunch of smaller video's focused on one point.  These short video's will cover the entire process.  Except making a clay bed.  That video will have to wait until I need to make a mold needing a clay bed for the master.  Each video will focus on a separate point.  This way you don't get bored watching a 25 minute long video or have to worry about setting a large amount of time aside for one sitting.

Its shift change weekend from afternoons to days.  Ugggh  So hopefully I can fall asleep and be on them by 9 am.  Hopefully.  Its 4:30 am now.

I like to change it up a bit.   Instead of counting sheep, I try listing Micronauts. 

Red TT, Blue TT...

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