Monday, February 13, 2017

Whats Left On Marauder

What still needs to be done to make a complete 5" Marauder?

I need to make finished thigh molds.  I had to rework the thighs.  I have yet to rework the pelvis.  The print was flawed.   There isn't enough clearance for the thigh so the 5 mm peg keeps snapping off.  Once I grind in the clearance I'll need tore install the 5mm peg and make a finish mold of that.

I already modified the molds, for proper rivet size.  The part of the mold that created the rivet holes was too big.  So I snipped it off so now the rivet hole will fill with resin and I can drill the proper size hole in.  The feet need to be drilled out and magnets installed.   So a good week's worth of work before I have workable casts to complete it.

Here's what Im working on tonight.  I have a couple ready for riveting.  Full Urethane.
I been kinda lazy with pictures lately sorry.   When this is finished, it'll be like looking through glass.   Below is a shot of some of the figures in various stages of completion.  There is order in the chaos believe it or not.  lol.
Yup...a freakin Orange clear Overlord.  I have a couple of variant red and blue Roboids and 4 or 5 Deimos figures as well.  So things are moving along nicely.
AND...I might even be able to reproduce the Color Chromed Magno's in 3 3/4" form.  :-)

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