Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Lost Weekend

Whats that they say...In like a lion?  After an unusually warm February, March is unusually cold.  We got more snow in the last 5 days than we had all winter.  My back went out bigtime and my S.A.D. is kicking in full time, so I didn't get much done last weekend.  But I do have 6 more figures on the go, missile packs are getting made and Im getting almost ready to start some Jade figures.  So a few more weeks.  There will be a nice selection of figures to choose from when done.

I've been going over the books and I should have the resources to get the Marauder One shot underway in about 16 months.  Im going to go down to the U of A, NAIT or the local college art departments and put up a notice or two.  I don't want the commitment of kickstarter.  I'll save the money up.  This sale will help. 

I will be selling my more common items every so often on Ebay starting in the coming few weeks.  My ebay ID is   t-551 
Get it?  t-551  Think about'll come.  But if you just cant...

t-551 is the Microman designation of the Titan Space Dober...or as collectors call it...Gold Dober.

I'll put a little notice up here when I do.

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