Saturday, March 4, 2017

Marauder and Other Projects

I have decided to slowly put the Marauder Magno together.  No rush.  A piece here and there when I get bored of making the 3 3.4" figures.  Slowly rework the pelvis for the 5" Marauder Figure.  Im not in any rush to get Marauder done.  I still want the Marauder One Shot published.  With all the delays and how long its taken to get to this point, there is no point in rushing it out the door half assed finished. 

I want Marauder released in tandem with the One Shot.  Im no going to cheat myself.  So I'll just keep casually making Marader action figures until the comic is done.  By the time the comic is completed, I'll have enough figures for the release of both.

So the official word is that while I will have a few Marauders made, Marauder will not be available for the September Sale.  Im sorry, but this is VERY important to me.  Im worried if I release Marauder without te One Shot, the One Shot wont get made or will be ignored since the figure was already released.  So once again...Im sorry.  But this is more for me than anything and I don't want to cheat myself on this.

Im going to continue making various other 3 3/4" figures for the September Sale instead.  Jade and if possible, maybe I can squeeze a few Ronin into the mix.  There will not be any Mini Microtrons.  Those were a definite one off.  There will also be some art and other Microman and Micronaut figures available too.  But the focus will be my 3 3/4" customs.

Im checking into something which might if it works... give you all some fits.

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