Thursday, March 2, 2017

Marauder...MAYBE...Not Yet

Why would I be surprised?  lol  Well...I ground in the clearance I dared without breaking through the top side.  After positioning the new pegs as low on the pelvis as possible...a visual assembly of the master reveals it might not be enough to fix the problem.  I'll have to finish the mold and make a cast. 

If it doesn't work as anticipated, I will have to build up the pelvis wall on the bottom where his balls would be so I can reposition the thigh pegs a bit lower.  THEN...that should be the final hurdle...YEAH RIGHT! lol.

The mold I made of the pelvis WITHOUT the 5mm pegs will work excellently for the Marauder magno.

SO...if I really want a Marauder that badly, I have everything I need to make one.  All the parts are made.  Some slight modifications to fit the magnets and Stainless balls, but a committed week and I could have one made.  I need to drill a hole, fill it with resin, drop I the ball plug, pressurize, let cure and sand.  Repeat.  Then modify an area for the magnet, fill it with resin, drop in the magnet, cure and sand.  Repeat.  I only plan to make 7 Marauder Magno's for that reason.  A lot of secondary work.

I had hoped to take pictures of this current mold because I want to cover another aspect of mold making.

Trimming and Modifying a Mold.  But I need to buy more batteries...and a camera I can use.  Something with a nice auto focus.  But batteries first.  Cheaper for now.

So...after some thought...I make the parts...they have sprues.  Sometimes glue gets used.  Sometimes a little paint.  There's a lot of waiting involved for everything to cure and/or dry.  This really isn't that different from the models I never made. might be incorrect for me to say that I have never built a model.  I'll have to think more on that one.

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