Sunday, March 12, 2017

SHIPPING TO THE UK Now Mandatory Tracking

 As a gift to Jonathon Ross, I sent him a sealed Microman Videocassette and figure and 1 of 3 Mini Microtrons I made with wheels in them.  In fact it was my own personal figure.

3 months now and it hasn't reached him.  The ONE  package I didn't put tracking on.  I  don't care about the video cassette.  I put ALOT  of work into that custom Microtron, so Im a bit teed off.


So Im sorry if I seem a bit upset.   

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  1. Really sorry to hear that. Here in the UK our Post Offices are saying NOT to send anything labelled TOYS to CANADA, and ONLY Canada. Once there they will destroy EVERYTHING listed as TOYS. No reason why, although import/export has something to do with it, they just have to warn us of that liklihood. I sent a toy package at the start of this month listed as CLOTHING (after they warned me) and it got through just fine. Just don't mention TOYS again... and I'm fine with Signing for items (although maybe keep the listed value down???) All the best!