Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Customs Limited

  Im slowly making specific colored 3 3/4" customs of past figures.  In most cases these are one offs.  I made a bunch of parts in various colors for customs some time ago.  Im slowly making them.  Once these are all done, thats it.  I don't plan to make very many 'custom' Jade/Ronin figures.   Jade and Ronin will be limited to about 10-15 figures of each.  Ronin will not be ready in time for the September Sale.

 I'd REALLY like to get past this and on to other projects.   The steeds for these figures was supposed to be next.  But I dunno...its ALOT of work, silicone and resin.  Im thinking Im going to tinker with the prototype in my spare time (MUWAHAHA...What spare time?  lmao)  But focus my energy on a project I have been DIEING to complete.

I still have the Demons of Darkness to finish as well.

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