Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Dr Strange-Movie is...Strange.

I was never a Dr Strange fan.  But the trailer really caught my eye.  Trailers are made to promote the movie and ''MAY'' contain scenes ''NOT'' in the movie.  In some cases, in watching the trailer...you saw the movie.  Like 'Movie 43.'  They took the best/funniest parts of the movie and turned it into a trailer.  Trailer was hilarious.  The movie a complete disaster.  You'd already seen all the best parts of the movie in the trailer so the movie is a let down.

Maybe its me... But Im BORED SHITLESS watching Dr Strange.  I cant follow the movie as my mind starts to wander because Im so bored by the movie.  I don't understand the plot.  Is there one?  The movie makes zero sense to me.   It takes too long unwinding the movie.  Cumberbatch is a fantastic actor...yet...Im guessing the lack of interest is what is making this movie hard for me to follow.  Because Im not interested in it, Im thinking of other things and possibly missing key points in the movie.

Odd...I really was geared up for this movie and now I having a hard time watching it.  Literally, the movie puts me to sleep.  Its a slow mover. 

Im going to give this movie a fair shake and watch it again to see if it makes any more sense the second time around.  The special effects are really cool. 

Its most likely me. 

After two viewings...
This is not a movie for me.  Im not gonna slag the movie because of my biases or likes/dislikes.  I guess you need to be a Dr Strange fan to begin with.  If you are, Im sure you'll like it.

Im not.

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