Saturday, April 29, 2017

Microman/Micronaut Groups/Collectors "STILL" The Best

Micropolis Embassy.  Best and foremost Micronaut Collectors group of its time.  Evolved to Facebook, and took their culture with them.  If I didn't have issues with Facebook, I'd be there. 
Microman and Micronaut fans are the politest, respectful and considerate people I have ever met.

Today, I quit the Car Club.  Why?  They didn't measure up to the standards I have come to accept and maybe taken for granted set by Microman/Micronaut Collectors of M.E and Facebook.

While the people in the car club were polite enough...they don't integrate.  In M.E. we had announcements and welcomed newcomers.  We encouraged new members to make themselves known.  This car club doesn't have any online services.  I cant even send out a hi Im a new member email to anyone.  So I have no idea who's who and then have 45 minutes once a month to meet people and establish relationships.  My shiftwork means I haven't made a meeting since November.  I expected an email from the Cub President or rep welcoming me, explaining the club's directives and letting me know what the club resources are as well as their events and functions.  I got nothing.  If I didn't ask, I wasn't told.

I had to ask for the link to the newsletter.  I had to wait almost a month for the next meeting because I wasn't given any info, knew no one and had no way to contact anyone until the next meeting.  I felt unwelcome and that they were only interested in my car.  They complained about members Lone Wolfing.  Showing up at events alone instead of with the Club.  I cant contact anyone and noone contacts me.  How else am I supposed to go to an event except alone?

Considering the reply to my request to cancel my membership was simply...Sure no problem.  Take Care.  Im thinking the decision to leave the Car Club should have been made sooner.  They didn't care or even ask me why I was leaving.  I couldn't help but wonder what this groups plan in 10 years is?  With the average age of members observed to be around 65...half will be dead and the other half senile in 10 years.  These guys are running this group like its 1998.  E-Mailing out newsletters???  No online services beside a defunct 20 year old web site...that looks like it.  The club will be solvent in 10 years.  It had the feel of a bunch of old people with nothing better to do, using the club as an excuse to draw them together to give their life some semblance of meaning while they hold hands and wait to die.  That's the impression I got.

My decision to quit the car club was made all the easier because of standards set by Microman, Micronaut groups and their members.  Standards I seem to compare to every other group Im interested in.  The only thing the car club did was make me aware that I don't give a dam about car shows either as a spectator or participant and that I will never join another car club...  I didn't buy this car to spend my weekends babysitting it at car shows.  Im not sure how that even became a thought.  I simply wanted my dream car and the opportunity to drive it.

 They gave me every reason to leave.  Micronauts collectors gave me every reason to stay.  Without knowing it you set the standard and maintained it with ease while others continue to have difficulty understanding the word group.

You guys are the best and continue to be.  :-)  Thanks for being you!

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