Sunday, May 28, 2017

Calgon Take Me Away

C' know you're laughing because you remember the jingle and the stereotype of the commercial.  But its how I feel.  I am so sore and stiff.  If you are 40 or might not get it.

Two straight weekends plus a few hours after work and I have virtually all my yard work done save for the drainage ditch around the garage and levelling my sidewalk and enlarging my patio.  The roof isn't included in this list but its on this summer's agenda.  I finished chopping all my wood and this years yard refuse.  Last weekend was last years yard refuse.  You don't burn green wood so I need to let it dry before I can burn it.  I got ALL the dandelions I could find...MUWAHAHA...

So...with 65% of my summer work done by the end of May...Im laughing.

I have about 15 figures needing detailing and clear coating.  Another 3 to finish.  And Jade figures to start now.

Missile packs.   Here's the plan.  Missiles...WILL glued into the holders.  I'll leave that up to you if you want them glued or not.

I havent had time to work on Marauder yet, but the Magno figure is the closest to being finished.  But would still need a couple of weeks of vigilant effort.  So I am leaving it for now.  My focus is on getting the 3 3/4" figures ready for September. 

Things are looking good.

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