Saturday, May 6, 2017

UK Shipping.

***UK SHIPPING***   

I GROSSLY under estimated the cost of tracking to the UK.  A small box the size of the Roboid box I used is $11.00 (CAN) to the UK or about $8-$8.50 US.  I was only charging (and have been charging) an extra $5.00 over the US shipping price for tracked packages to the UK...its actually $30 US (total) for that parcel to be tracked to the UK including the 5% off on all my tracked packages.  Shipping prices adjusted to match the exchange rate.  I charge actual shipping minus 5% for all tracked packages.  So its not that shipping charges have recently increased a drastic amount.  I was ignorantly under charging for tracked packages to the UK.  I hope you benefitted from my mistake.  Tracked packages to the US are up to $15 for something the size of the Roboid Box weighing under 2.2 lbs or 1 Kilogram.

Im sorry, but the last small package I sent to the UK, was to Jonathon Ross and NEVER made it.  Fortunately it was custom 3 3/4" figures I made and nothing else.  So Im sorry.  I have to put tracking on parcels to the UK now.

 Im giving items 4 or 5 days listing on the blog before it gets pulled if there is no interest.  Surprise Sales only get 48 hours...for a reason.  If you need a little time to save Im ok with holding am item for a limited time. 

Payment options (like time to pay) are available on items of interest.  Email for more information.

Im putting up my remaining Transformers on Ebay.  Nothing special there.  I have more common,  Micronauts starting at $10 and up I'll be listing here soon.

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