Monday, May 29, 2017



Im pissed about this.  It isn't right.  Male oriented institutions of learning are being forced to go co ed.  The males WANT a male only institution because of claims of sexual harassment.  Just the claim alone is enough to ruin a future career regardless of its validity.  Yet more and more are forced to accept female students. 

To date...not a single female only institution of learning has been forced to go co ed.


Im not a Gal Gadot (sp?) fan to begin with.  I wont stoop to telling you what I thought about her BEFORE this incident, let alone now.  I was willing to give this movie a shot even though I think the CGG in the trailers is enough to turn any one away from the movie.

But now...Im pissed.  Really pissed.  She just hit my all time hatred level.  Yep...she's right up there with liver and cooked spinach.

Its out right gender discrimination.  Im glad they killed her off in FF because she is now banned in my house.  We will not buy any DVD's, attend any movies that she performs in or contribute to causes she endorses. I can enjoy the rest of the movie series.

What message are they sending to young women?  You set any respectable feminism progress considerably back.  You can now open your own doors, pay for your own cabs and buy your own drinks. 

You lost my support with your double standard.  I can't take your complaints seriously anymore when you pull stunts like this.  So now they fall on deaf ears.  Don't ask me to sign any petitions.

My boycott wont affect anything, but this kind of negativity cant be good on any level.

I will not be buying, reviewing or endorsing the reboot of Wonder Woman with Gal Gadot or any merchandise there of.  

Its all I can do.  Really...there is nothing right about this, and no valid reason to justify this.  This isn't right by any stretch of the imagination.

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