Sunday, June 18, 2017

Back-Rocky Mountains...AGAIN!

The Rocky Mountains.  I love them.  After buying (read financed) my wife a Trailer/Toy Hauler/RV last year, we have been making the most of both the trailer and our close proximity to the Rockies.   It takes us 3 1/2 hrs to reach th Rockies.  We try to go once a month.  I can only book holidays on day shift and a leave Friday night come back Sunday isn't worth my time.  That's a tease.

We left last Wednesday and got back today.  Preachers Point is Crown land along the North Saskatchewan River which means its an open campground  No services.  We pick a new site every time we go.  There are miles of potential sites.  Some get flooded out by the end of the summer as glacier melting raises the river by then.

Wildlife count was 1 black bear, 1 moose, 1 doe, 2 geese, 1 gosling and 1 possibly 2 chipmunks.

I bought another knife.  A real nice ebony handled 'Buck' Knife.  75th anniversary don't ya know.  I didn't either.  But its a dam good knife.

There is a nice mountain behind us.  I made out like Tom Cruise with nothing but my knife and started climbing.  It was more of an advanced hike climbing escarpments of 60 degrees or better.  An hour later realizing I was getting perilously close to not being able to get down, I turned around and realized I was a good 300 ft up and looking at a long tumble down.  This is not a Hollywood movie.  I had to do an inverted crab walk down on my hands and feet.  There was no way I would be able to simply stand up and walk down.  Later after getting back to the campsite and a nice long walk I found another horse trail that would provide relative safety to the top of the lowest part of the mountain I was trying to get to with my straight on approach.  It'll take a few extra hours, but I wont drop dead of a heart attack.  I fail to realize Im 50...not 15.  At least once I thought I was dying.

Today, I can barely walk.  My thighs hurt like hell and now both my shoulders are buggered.  But the left one is only sore from being used in ways its not used to.  :-)

Back to reality.  Work starts at 7:30 am tomorrow.  And so does making figures.  Back to getting ready for Septembers Sale.

Im looking forward to Septembers Sale.  Then I can finish Ronin and move on to making custom figures/vehicles.  No more production runs.  Make a couple to feed my desire and move on.  No rush, no schedules. 

Just good old fashioned Hobby Fun!

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