Sunday, June 4, 2017


The sale of my Magno figures contributed to my buying "Priss".  That's what I call my car.  The Purple Emperor Prototype was the centerpiece of my magno collection for a long time.

My car, a 1972 AMC AMX Javelin is Plum Crazy Purple.  The female to Emperor is Empress.  Priss for short.

And it has more in common with the Magno figures than I thought.  The seat belts when not in use are held in place in the centre console by...Magnets.

Having bought the car last fall, I didn't get the opportunity to enjoy it.  It didn't feel like my car.

It does now.  While I do miss my figures, I have no regrets.  This is my dream car.  From the moment I sat in one when I was 17.  I have to be careful though.  This car has the 401...a beefed up 390 on steroids with a Carter 625.  It may be an automatic, but its a monster.  The 4 barrels kicking in at 60 MPH...I leave my tires on the road.  And the car is very light.  3000 lbs and a short wheelbase.
Im loving it.

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