Sunday, June 4, 2017

Micronauts on Ebay

I'll post the link here in a bit.  Ima little tired right now. 

I have an 11 figure Micronauts lot up on Ebay.  Palisades Acroyears both Prince and 2-Devils Due, both Embassy Bioscans but there are 2 of the Error version, Time Medic, Clear TT, Red Brain and Purple Centaurs.  An extra time medic pod. A black Membros but he has no claws and has been sitting displayed on my shelf for years.  An exta Time Medic Pod and even the signed packaging from the Palisades Staff if you want it

All are 100% complete and in great shape.  I just opened them.  The Time Medic obviously has o ring melting issues.

Under Ebay ID: t-551  if you cant wait for the link.

Auction scheduled for 5 pm Pacific time Monday June 5 and will run for 7 days.

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