Saturday, June 24, 2017


Its scary right now.  Fracking can break even on $15/barrel.  The US has close to 6000 drilled wells just sitting there waiting to 'turn the tap'.  Oilsands need around $42.  Where it is now.  11 years on the job with every department except the machine shop taking layoff.  The machine shop runs on a skeleton crew.  There is no one to lay off.  If they lay off a single person, they would have to lay off an entire shift. 

We haven't had a raise in 4 years and looks like we will be taking significant wage cuts next fall if we don't lose our jobs.  So Im taking upgrade courses this fall at Nait in CNC programming.  I know how to program, I just need more practice and knowledge of 'little tricks'.  At least this way if I lose my job, I can still get a job programming.  Its much easier (for me anyway) than 3D modelling and would allow me to move anywhere in the world with my 30+ years of machining experience.

But I said it 15 years ago.  Recessions are good for creativity.  People dig down into what the can to pay the bills.  They devote more time to their customs or creative side to pay the bills as there is ore time to give because they aren't working.  But its not guaranteed and the moment a "job" becomes available they take it and have no more time for customs.  Which can really suck from the consumers end. 

As I get older, my job security becomes shakier as my shelf life is limited.  I no longer am part of the future.  The current economy doesn't give me any faith that I will be able to retire with this company much as I hope to.  So...I need to be ready and more flexible.  AND...after 15 years...Im no longer taking those dam T-4's.  You know...those mood altering crazy pills.  Its like a fog has been lifted from my head. 

As I get older,,,expect more and more devotion to my craft as I plan to make custom figures my retirement career. That's only 13-14 years away.  Palisades Micronauts came out 15 years ago if that helps with perspective. 

Its just prudent planning.

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