Saturday, July 1, 2017


Happy 150th Canada Day to everyone it applies to. 

In today's news, the Prime Minister during a live speech wished every province individually a Happy Canada Day.  He never mentioned Alberta. 

However an honest slip it was, given that Alberta pretty much hates Trudeau, and the political animosity between Alberta and Ontario and Quebec,  it will only fuel the conspiracy theories and political rift between Alberta and Ottawa even though Trudeau later apologized for his gaff.

Ottawa is the Capital of Canada.
Toronto is the Capital of Ontario.  But they think of themselves as the center of the universe.

I personally think Trudeau is an idiot.  He won the election off of his father's political career and name.  Justin didn't take Political Science.  He is a DRAMA TEACHER by education.  He has never had to apply himself for anything.  He refuses to take a stand or fight for anything.  Listen to his interviews.  He takes the path of least resistance to all facets of his life.  In short...he's lazy.  He' never worked a day in his life or worked for anything for that matter.


And the son of a bitch will win the next Federal Election because the other 2 parties have no one to run against him capable of winning public support.  No one people can recognize and associate with.  So he'll win by name recognition and voter default.

My dislike for Justin Trudeau (THE POLITICIAN) stems from the fact, and it is fact, that Trudeau has little opinion for Western Canada, in particular Alberta.  He's on record saying so.  Not that he realized it, but there are several recorded instances where Justin Trudeau has voiced his disdain for Western Canada.  His policies back this up.

As PM  of Canada, it is his responsibility to treat all of Canada equally without personal bias.  Something he isn't doing.  Sorry for the political rant.

Anyway...its Canada Day.  Enjoy the weekend and all the festivities across the country. 



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