Sunday, July 2, 2017


Effective July 1st 2017, Ebay Canada will be subject to 5% GST by Revenue Canada for its Canadian operations.  Like any entity, Ebay passes this 5% GST ( Goods and Services Tax) onto Canadian Ebay sellers.  It is already very hard for Canadians to sell on Ebay.  There is no audience so items sell for nothing if they sell at all.

Whats PayPal...3%?  I'm gonna check, but we'll call it at 3%.  Ebay "TOY" category is 9% and that is 9% of the auction selling price AND the shipping cost.  GST currently at 5%.


Here's a cut/paste from the email I received from Ebay on the subject...

As announced in our Summer Update, eBay Canada Limited will become the contracting party for Canadian residents and businesses on July 1st, 2017. As a Canadian corporation, eBay Canada Limited is subject to Canadian tax law and will be required to charge sales tax (GST/HST/QST) on eBay fees.
The applicable sales tax will be determined based on your registered eBay address and taxes payable will be detailed in your monthly invoice.
**Note** Your July invoice may include fees for services provided prior to July 1, 2017. These will be billed on behalf of eBay International AG and will not include GST/HST/QST.
For more information, see our 2017 Summer Seller Update.
As always, thank you for selling on eBay!

As always, just trying to keep everyone informed.   17%...I am loathe to do it, but for 14 cents on the dollar, I'll join Facebook. 

I cant pass 5% on to my Ebay buyers.  I wont have any.  So I'll be forced to eat the additional 5% charge in exchange for a larger audience.  Im not above paying my fair share of taxes, and I know everyone complains about taxes...but Canadians are really overtaxed.  For instance...did you know that the price per liter of gas at the pimps here in Canada includes the price of the gas and all provincial taxes added together.  This total is then subject to an additional 5% GST.  Essentially and factually, we are being taxed ON a tax. 

Try doing that anywhere else.  Go Canada, Yeah Team. 

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