Saturday, July 29, 2017


MAN...never fails.  After 11 years of searching and figuring I would never complete the Cavellari Stellari magno set...I sold them.  A month later, the ones I needed to complete the set showed up on Ebay.  There are many other examples like this I could list.

Now at the age of 50 with no kids I have begun the irreversible breakdown of my collection.  Saving selling off my most prized items last.  Among these are my carded Micronaut Aliens.  I have the standard 6 but always wanted to get all 9 Micronaut Carded Aliens.  7-8-9 being Membros Orange Brain-Repto Orange Brain and Antron Dark green brain.

Now I have the chance to get an Orange brain Membros MOC.  NOW?  If I buy it Im committed to looking for the Repto and Antron Alternates as well.  To what end?  I would inevitably have to sell it in a few years.  Basically teasing myself then going through a death watch knowing it will eventually have to be sold and just deciding when.

And if I did buy it, I probably will never get the remaining 2 alternates because that's just how collecting works.  The moment you decide what you want it becomes unavailable.  If you don't need it, its there.

So Im going to watch it get sold to someone else.  And its killing me.  Its only the 3rd one I have ever seen and its in the best shape.  As soon as it sells, then one or both of the remaining 2 carded alternates will also appear. 

Its law.  You know its going to happen.  SIGH!

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