Saturday, July 22, 2017

No Casting Video's Yet.

Well...I had everything ready.  Scripted and pre poured.  But I cant work the camera.  It kept timing out.  I can program a CNC but cant work a NIKKON.  I need a simple point and click, but point and clicks suck.  They take shit close ups and video's.

Im lucky Im able to take the few good pics I do take and even then I delete 10 pics for every one I keep.

So until I can find a camera that is STUPID FRIENDLY, Im sorry, there are no video's.  :-(

Sorry, Im just frustrated that camera's get the best of me.  I'll get the thing figured out because Im pissed at it and its a matter of principle.  But I had everything set up perfectly for the shoot.   So Im a little put out. 

There is ALOT to think about and do for a video.  Its ALOT of work. 

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