Sunday, July 30, 2017


Well kind of ot.  I do consider my car blog related.

My car...Priss...yes I name my toys...comes in at around 2900-3000 lbs and has a shorter wheelbase than most.  A co worker likes his rice burners and once you add all the technology and turbo, his car came in at around 3600 lbs.

I wondered why the Javelin wasn't used in more movies.  Then I saw production numbers and that's probably a good reason why.

On my Sunday morning drive I had some unintentional fun.  The car has power.  Big time.  I lose my tires turning a corner naturally without trying.  Well it happened again this morning but this time I thought I would have fun with it.

The Javelin...can drift.  And very well and very easily. 
I'll be buying new tires this winter. 


  1. Do you recall the Bangkok car chase scenes in the James Bond film "The Man With the Golden Gun" (1974)? AMC paid Eon Productions for product placement - most memorably, Bond (Roger Moore) driving an AMC Hornet in pursuit of Scaramanga and Nick Nack (Christopher Lee and Herve Villechaize) in an AMC Matador. Strange that they didn't use a beefier Javelin "Go Package" or SST. But then again, not even a Javelin could save that movie ;-)

  2. Wow - the 270 degree corkscrew jump featured at the end of that clip was first performed by a Javelin a few years before the movie was made! When Eon Productions heard about it, they paid off the guy who did it so nobody could see the stunt again until the movie came out! But. . . no Javelin, they used the Hornet instead :-(