Sunday, July 30, 2017


I didn't start out saying...Im gonna make this many of "x" for the September Sale.

There were a couple of experiments that went well enough to see them to fruition.  There were some figures I simply wanted to make.

And one of them gave me some issues matching a red tint over the last 2 days.  Every time I thought I had the shade right, it would be off enough to notice.  Really wanting to make this particular figure in a particular color, I chased the tint.  3 pours later and a shitload of wasted tinted parts, I got it.


I am officially done pouring for any more figures.  I might have a part or two to make but otherwise all the parts are made...and I cant believe Im smiling as I say this because it takes me 6-8 hours to finish a figure from this point...


As a side note, there will only be 10 Jade figures being made for Septembers Sale.  If by chance that isn't enough, I will make the figures necessary to ensure those that want...get.  The price will be the same.  Pricing to be announced with the Official September Sale notice.

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