Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Septembers Sale Info

This September's Sale will be unlike any I have held so far.  In that there is no one particular figure being offered.  Customs of past figures and a few regular ones will all be offered at once.

However, I am not HASBRO.  Im not cranking out 5000 figures.  I'll have around 30.  ANd some are One Offs.

So to be fair to everyone, for the FIRST week/7 days Purchases will be limited to one figure.  2 figures if the second figure is Jade.  After the first 7 days, the limit will be removed. 

For those who plan to buy or might want to exceed the limit, I  will be willing to combine shipping if you don't mind the 7 day wait until the limit is lifted.

While prices haven't been set, the lack of packaging and time spent packaging will put the price around $75 US plus $12.50 S/H fully tracked.  UK  $30.  Full Urethane figures will be available as well.  Prices on full urethane TBD.

Im expecting to have everything ready for the 15th of September however the date might change by a few days depending on how everything goes setting up.

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