Saturday, August 5, 2017


Im on the fence with full urethane figures...they take twice as long to build.

In regards to anything else available for Septembers Sale...Sale start date expecting to be Sept 15/17.  Date is subject to change but looking real good at this point.

There will be no packaging and no artwork.  All NON urethane figures will be $75.00

JADE will also be $75.00 but there is a Customer Loyalty Sale also.  Anyone who purchases Jade, sends me a picture of themselves posing with any of my past releases will get 5% off on JADE per figure they own to a maximum of 25%...If you have 4 of my figures...that's 20% off JADE.

Im looking at $125-$140 for Full Urethane figures.  I haven't settled on full urethane prices yet.  Resin, Silicone and Rivets have all gone up in the last year.

Expect that all NON urethane figures (3 3/4")  will be $75 now and in the future.

Shipping not included.

Urethane is much harder to work with and the molds break down after 5 or 6 figures, sometimes less.  Hence why I have to charge more.

With proper care, I can get 15-20 figures from my molds with full resin figures.

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