Saturday, August 27, 2016

IT FIGURES... never fails...I sell off my Cavellari Stellari figures and the one I was missing appears on ebay the following week.

So I take the plunge, and sell off my Magno's and more.  No sooner do I pass the point of no return on my collection sale and the one thing I have been looking for shows up on Ebay.

A US version Carded Kronos.  The only US carded Alien I need as the one I have is the Italian version.  Im tempted to bid on it, but for the first time for as long as I have been collecting...I don't seem to be very concerned if I miss out on it.  I want it to complete the US set but don't want to spend the money on something that I will only turn around and sell in a few as it would be to have the entire US set.  But the seller is shipping via EBay's Global Shipping Program.  That just killed any chance of me bidding on it.  Im no longer buying from any Ebay sellers embroiled in EBay's global shipping program.  Its unethical, hypocritical and most importantly... a huge rip off for international customers.

Oh well...I think I'll go for a drive, forget about it and come back when the auctions over  :-)
And how ironic...I had to buy a piece of the past to bring me into the future.  I don't own a cell phone.  Im low jacking my car.  I'll need a cell phone to monitor it.

Magno Project Downgraded

With the sale of my Magno Figures, the need to personally remake the Green Emperor Steed Legs is significantly reduced.

The only Magno's I have left are my red clear with white set and my Clear with black set.  As my clear sets have 100% no cracks no breaks in the knee joints, there is little need for me myself to make them.   Past polls had very few people actually wanting them, so that project has been shelved.  I'd need 10 or more people to revive the project.

I do plan to make a few magno customs down the road so I will revisit it.  If there is a demand, I'll make them.

Thursday, August 25, 2016


For the record...I have no regrets breaking down my collection.  The idea was to pass it on to my kids.  Life didn't turn out as planned.  So Im passing it on in other ways.  Much to my wife's relief.  She doesn't fancy the idea of having to sell my collection off herself.  

Im not walking away from Micronauts.  Micronauts have taught me so much,  Im interested to see what else I can learn.  Im still going to be casting and making customs.  They most likely wont have the flair of Overlord, but I really enjoy casting.   And I have a few ideas Im looking forward to having fun with.  I have a new comedy crime fighting Duo in the works.  Its writing itself.  Im gonna try my hand at writing a short story.  Its got an Abbott and Costello vibe to it now that I think of it.

So between that, Marauder, the 3 3/4" Barons, matching 3 3/4" steeds for all mini figs I have made to date (so 5 different steeds),  missile pack, Cobroid, Lobstros, remake custom Micronaut Aliens...I think Im good for the next 10 years or more.

Thanks to everyone who bought something from my collection or who plan to buy.  I did have to borrow a few bucks for the car.  But it was so worth it.  I have no regrets.  None.  I wanted this car when I was 17.  Im still pinching myself.

But summer's almost over and its been a hectic one.  Im looking forward to this winter when Im locked indoors making more figures and dreaming of driving my car.

Ok...before I have to put myself on moderated status...back to toys...err.....Micronauts and related toys to be more specific.  :-)

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Deimos Done...Marauder/Cobroid Next

Ok...The Deimos Project is officially over.  Its been available for order since the beginning of July and is now OPP.  The masses have spoken...MOVE ON...they we are.  Next up is either Marauder or Cobroid.  Quite possibly the Red/green Barons too.  The Barons will not be equipped with glider packs.  Im out of hardware.  The Barons will have Missile Packs.  These missile packs will be made available to order separately for those wanting one for either Sultan or Flight Commander.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016


Well, all the have bee counted.  Canada doesn't use pennies anymore.  All that's left is for me to get the bank draft and go pick up the car this Saturday.  Im putting her on a trailer and bringing her here.  Its in Calgary 3 hours away.  Im calling her The Emperess. 

Thank you to everyone who participated in my sale to help make this possible.  Im going to continue to sell off whats left.  Basically the magno's are all sold or pending.  Im going to sell both privately and through Ebay, everything that's left.  I am still going to be making customs...I have a few projects Im putzing through.  Nothing as ambitious as Overlord regarding finished product.  But some really cool customs none the less.

While I may not have what I used to, I'll always have something, and I'll always be casting. 


Just a few pics of the Rocky Mountains just south of the Saskatchewan River Crossing.  Its a small junction with a tourist trap truck stop.  Over inflated prices.  But the surrounding area is gorgeous with glacier fed lakes, rivers and streams.  Its right in the middle of everything.  Halfway between Banff and Jasper and about te same distance to Rocky Mountain House.  If I didn't have the perfect job, I'd move to Rocky Mountain House tomorrow.

Couldn't feel my feet after 5 minutes. 

Tuesday, August 9, 2016


The reason my Tiger Tanks are being held back is because the white KO Tiger Tank motor doesn't work.  Someone in their infinite wisdom thought it a good idea to manualize the vehice and removed gears from the motor.  I was able to find the gears I needed to make it work, but whoever did this damaged the gears shaft housing. 

I was able to get another working motor and need to switch it into the tank.  Then I want to take a video of all 3 running at the same time.  Then Im good to sell them.  :-)



THE ENTIRE SET OF 4 MAGNO FIGURES. EITHER SET IS $300.  These are all standard Baron Karza's that were customized to make these sets.  The red highlight set only needed cast heads, the white set needed cast chest pieces and heads.  The only thing painted is the eyes.

I will have to check but assume they don't have boxes.

The heads were cast except the BK at 55 PSI. Eyes are painted red. ***PENDING***

White parts are cast not painted.  Eyes are painted. Heads except BK were cast at 55 PSI.