Monday, July 2, 2018



Its been a few months.  Things have happened.  But stayed the same.  Im clearing out my collection on FB.  Everything but Customs.  Mine and others.  Why?  2 reasons.  A) I dont have any kids.  So I have no one to leave anything to. B)  When customs is all I have, I will then resume casting.

No, Im not dying and definitely not dead, but think about it.  The Palisades release was in 2002.  That was 16 years ago.  Time moves fast don't it?  Im about 12-13 years, I will be retired.  At which point, I plan to have moved out of Canada.  So Im not waiting until the last moment to start selling stuff.  And who is to say I will live another 16 years.  I smoked cigarettes for over 25 years and cigars another 12.

I have sold off about 75% of my collection, but have kept what I consider to be the best items for last along with some common stuff.  Things like my carded Aliens, Tiger Tanks, Dobers and a few more things.  So Im winding down on collecting and then will resume casting.  Im hoping to have my drive back by then and hopefully my medical issues (shoulder and back)  wont interfere.

This blog, no matter what will continue to document my path through casting.   If it ever stops be it through my death or medical issues...It will get posted here.

Friday, March 30, 2018

Medical Issues

I have developed an acute case of Bursitis of the elbow.  I have had it drained once already and need it done again.   My shoulder doesn't want to move.  My back is acting up.   My S.A.D. is in full swing as April approaches, temps are 8C colder than normal, are below 0C and its currently snowing.  Not to mention the geese have yet to return.  Im a mess. 

This is what a life of hard work does to your body.  I shoulda went in for a pharmacist, engineer or a dentist.

I have items prepped and bedded waiting...articles to post. 

I received a scaled up Prince Acroyear head for the 5''-6'' custom Acroyear Im making.  It will be in scale with Marauder and David White's  Mechanauts.  Thanks to Lee over at Big Man Toys.  This is a personal custom.  Im not making any for sale, although I might sell the ones I make for myself at some point down the road.  The size of the figure makes it impractical for a full resin production sale otherwise.

Im looking forward to getting the Crimson Warrior finished so I can close that door and move on to other projects.  IE...The Demons of Darkness, Lobstros, Surprise Custom, 5-6 Acroyear, Custom Gold Dober, Marauder and then my remake of the Micronaut Aliens.  That will keep me busy for the next 15 years. 

Im a bit spoiled.  I am aided by the fact that Edmonton is 3300 ft above sea level.  I will definitely need the compressor in Belize.

Saturday, March 10, 2018


Ok...I have everything ready.  I've redesigned my molds and now I just need to mix/pour the silicone and then I can pour some test pieces for chroming and see if it will take.  The resin Im using as a higher break down temperature so it should be able to  handle the chroming process.  The resin needs to be able to handle 170F.

I have a few other planned posts that are long over due as well.  It looks like Spring is finally arriving...Im getting motivated again.  Winter wipes me out and kills my motivation.  Im looking forward to retiring to where there is no snow and winter never gets below 20 C.

Saturday, February 10, 2018


I'm remaking the molds for Roboid S2.  There are some changes I want to incorporate.  Im going to see about getting some parts actually chromed.  To do this I need to redesign some molds.  We'll see how the parts take to chroming.  Im hoping everything turns out well.

Sunday, January 14, 2018


OK...The replacement compressor arrived.  Now I can finish fixing the original one at work and can get back to making some molds.


I had hoped that the magnets from a Battle Cruiser would work for the Dober project, but the Dober magnet is much longer.  So Im back to he GOLD DOBER being a one off figure.  I had hoped they would work and I cold at least make a couple, but they are not the same size.  :-(

Wednesday, January 10, 2018


After long consideration...

Marauder One being put on hold indefinitely.  When I tried to develop it, I realized I simply don't have the skills to design an entire Comic Book.  The Guys I had enlisted to help me...I offered top dollar but they will only draw...not design.

So..Im back to square one.  I developed Marauder to completion, but to fully develop the other characters in the comic, design uniforms, design space ships, design cities...Im not that guy.  It will take me YEARS.  By years I mean 15- 20 years.  So it aint happening at this point. 

I'm going to finish making Marauder the figure, but the comic is on an indefinite hold until I figure out what the EF to do about it.

Sunday, January 7, 2018


OK...It sounds like shit, but I got the compressor working.  No idea where the replacement is.  EBay's Global Shipping Program is shit.  I'm officially BOYCOTTING any Ebay Seller who  employs this program for anything.  Its a CASH GRAB.  Im not trying to skip out on Custom Fees...I would still pay them at the P/O...but the extra shipping time, higher shipping fees and the big additional charge to PITNEY BOWES that is worse in some cases than the customs charges. 

Ebays Global Shipping System is a RIP OFF.  ITS A SCAM.  ITS A CASH GRAB. 

There are other places to buy stuff besides Ebay.  Ebay is quickly becoming obsolete in Canada because of these RIP OFF SCAM FEES.

NOW...where was I...oh yes...

We'll conclude the VYTAFLEX testing this week and then back to getting ready for September Sale 2018.  Im going to include 100's of parts.  Vintage and my own on top of the figures that will be offered.