Friday, April 22, 2011

Fan Art

I was asked a question earlier regarding Fan Art.  Would I host any?

I dont have a problem with it.  Until now, no one has asked and it wasnt something I had thought of.   I dont see any reason not to.  I just have one condition for showing Fan Art here on HomeWorld. 

It must be blog related.

I have 3 topics here that I discuss.  Micronauts, Casting and my best friend, Riley.  My Dog.  Now I cant see anyone here posting about my little buddy, and its pretty hard to draw art from casting information/resins and related equipment, so that leaves Micronauts.  With Micronauts, I include Microman and Transformers and related Bootlegs.

I dont mind overlapping figure lines as long as they contain one of the Big 3 (Micronauts/Microman/Transformers).  For example...Someone draws up Swampthing  with Micronauts flying around or Dr. Doom with Micronauts or Optimus Prime kicking the living S**T out of a Ken Doll.  Hmmm...a movie in the making right there.  lol.

Just send me the photo to with a brief note describing the picture/your inspiration for making it and your permission to display it and first chance I get, I will run it for a week.  If you do want me to run your picture, please note that I may run the photo more than once.  I might very well run it again a few months down the road.

So if this is all okay with you, by all means...send me your artwork, and I will display it.  :~)

Friday, April 15, 2011

Titan SpaceKnights

After 10 years...I finally have my Titan SpaceKnight.  #10 on my WANT LIST.  Yukiko of YTSS bidding services or known as zira28 on ebay was key in helping me to get this.  I have had the yellow SpaceKnight for years, but the white one has been elusive for me.  I have seen 2...maybe 3 in the last 8-10 years.  None in near the condition this one is in.  Every time one appeared, it was just bad timing for the wallet or it was incomplete.  This one, the box has been opened, but not the contents.

These are exceptionally cool figures.  And you have to love the efficient packaging.  The entire figure and accessories nicely packed into a styro liner inside  a 5 x 4 x 1.5 box...not exactly those dimensions, but close.

10 years...It feels good.

When I first saw the white Spaceknight, I decided to pull out my yellow one.  When I bought it, it was listed as 95% complete.  I have never assembled it.   I just displayed the box.  So I decided to see which part was missing and maybe I could make it.  Imagine my surprise when after doing a check, I found the item is entirely complete.  It was only missing the decal sheet.  :~) 

Hopefully I can squeeze an hour or two to make the 2 little corner shelves to go above my corner table and free up some room on another shelf for all my Microman Figures.  Then I can display these 2 assembled.