Sunday, March 24, 2013

Area 51 Airfix Micronauts

 Back in December of 1998, a Sci-Fi collecting magazine called AREA 51, did a 6 page article on the Airfix Micronauts.
 A quick read reveals standard facts about Micronauts history going back to the Henshin Cyborgs then how Takara expanded to the 3 3/4" format with the 5mm peg system.  There is a brief mention of a child choking incident 'outside' of MEGO products that says MEGO voluntarily began making the firing systems less functional.

Not having an Ampzilla, I cant confirm or deny this, but it mentions that Ampzilla is a 'MOTORIZED' vehicle.  I have never heard of them being motorized, but hey...I thought the Sharkos had a die cast body until I recently bought one.

But one fact about this article that is incredibly wrong is that it says Centaurus, Kronos and Lobros ( Page 23 under 1981 Decline and Fall)   WERE NEVER RELEASED in the USA appearing only in Italy.

I can totally destroy that.  In 2006 I sold a US version Lobstros and currently have the US versions of 5 of the 6 Micronaut Aliens MOSC displayed on my wall.  I dont have a US version Kronos, but know for a fact one exists.  I missed out buying it.  You can see the "I" in front of the word Micronauti on the Kronos card to the right along with the Italian writing underneath the figure name compared to the US cards which have Simply Micronaut and then English writing under the figure name.

There is also a quick mention on Transformers.  Now this is just a quick read while I sit here writing this.  But I found enough contradictory information in the article that warrants me to read the entire article thoroughly.  If for no other reason than to verify specific facts.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Newest Micronaut...SHARKOS

I have rearranged my Micronaut shelf.  Other than a few Interchangeables and my Magnos, this is pretty much all I have kept for Micronauts figures besides my customs.  Whatever isnt in this picture is for sale.

But my SHARKOS has arrived.  For years( DONT LAUGH TOO HARD) I was under the impression that the Sharkos had a die cast body.  I thought...what a useless toy.  To give it an aquatic theme and then put a die cast body on it is a disaster.  I never asked.  People's opinions on it varied. Some liked it, others didnt.

 Recently I put a shit n giggles bid on a Sharkos on Ebay.  Only because it was 100% complete with box inserts as well.  I fully expected to get outbid.  But I didnt.  So now I own a Sharkos.  After buying one, I have a little more respect for the toy and am a bit choked at myself for not researching this vehicle.  Had I,  I most likely would have bought this vehicle years ago.

I am trying like heck to get caught up on alot of posting I havent been doing so this picture of the new shelf will have to do for now.  I'll dissect the Sharkos more in a future post.