Saturday, November 22, 2014


As most of you either guessed or know, it was me who bought the Bubbletron off Ebay recently.  I haven't seen one on Ebay in 14 years. 

This one has an unpunched card.  It also is loose.  The blister has been lifted on the right side to allow for easy removal.  The chest decal is quite faded.  I would suspect that whatever bubble fluid is inside has been replaced.  Either the fluid leaked out and did the damage to the decal and weakened the card enough to allow the blister to be removed on the one side or someone lifted the blister on the one side and this item is played with. 

Either way, Im happy to have it.  The price was stupid I know.  But I could be dead before another one ever becomes available.  


Its pretty faded, but it isn't peeling from the edges.