Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Homeworld Remembers Bernice Lawrence

Today we take a step back from everything.  Life has reared its ugly head and made itself known that there is a darker side lurking beneath a calm surface.

May 11/10,   Bernice Lawrence passed away.  A single mother of 3 beautiful girls, survived by her 2 daughters Dee and Tracy.  A fighter of a woman with the heart of a tiger, who helped a niave young boy become the man he is today.  She was both a friend and a mother to me.  Recently I had the oppotunity to say goodbye to her...and I did.  But I didnt know it was the last time I would ever see her.  She was a good woman and I will miss her.  But I will never forget her.

Dont put it off.  If you have the chance to see some one and say hi...I was thinking of you...thank you for being you...do it.  Because tomorrow may just be too late.