Saturday, April 29, 2017

Microman/Micronaut Groups/Collectors "STILL" The Best

Micropolis Embassy.  Best and foremost Micronaut Collectors group of its time.  Evolved to Facebook, and took their culture with them.  If I didn't have issues with Facebook, I'd be there. 
Microman and Micronaut fans are the politest, respectful and considerate people I have ever met.

Today, I quit the Car Club.  Why?  They didn't measure up to the standards I have come to accept and maybe taken for granted set by Microman/Micronaut Collectors of M.E and Facebook.

While the people in the car club were polite enough...they don't integrate.  In M.E. we had announcements and welcomed newcomers.  We encouraged new members to make themselves known.  This car club doesn't have any online services.  I cant even send out a hi Im a new member email to anyone.  So I have no idea who's who and then have 45 minutes once a month to meet people and establish relationships.  My shiftwork means I haven't made a meeting since November.  I expected an email from the Cub President or rep welcoming me, explaining the club's directives and letting me know what the club resources are as well as their events and functions.  I got nothing.  If I didn't ask, I wasn't told.

I had to ask for the link to the newsletter.  I had to wait almost a month for the next meeting because I wasn't given any info, knew no one and had no way to contact anyone until the next meeting.  I felt unwelcome and that they were only interested in my car.  They complained about members Lone Wolfing.  Showing up at events alone instead of with the Club.  I cant contact anyone and noone contacts me.  How else am I supposed to go to an event except alone?

Considering the reply to my request to cancel my membership was simply...Sure no problem.  Take Care.  Im thinking the decision to leave the Car Club should have been made sooner.  They didn't care or even ask me why I was leaving.  I couldn't help but wonder what this groups plan in 10 years is?  With the average age of members observed to be around 65...half will be dead and the other half senile in 10 years.  These guys are running this group like its 1998.  E-Mailing out newsletters???  No online services beside a defunct 20 year old web site...that looks like it.  The club will be solvent in 10 years.  It had the feel of a bunch of old people with nothing better to do, using the club as an excuse to draw them together to give their life some semblance of meaning while they hold hands and wait to die.  That's the impression I got.

My decision to quit the car club was made all the easier because of standards set by Microman, Micronaut groups and their members.  Standards I seem to compare to every other group Im interested in.  The only thing the car club did was make me aware that I don't give a dam about car shows either as a spectator or participant and that I will never join another car club...  I didn't buy this car to spend my weekends babysitting it at car shows.  Im not sure how that even became a thought.  I simply wanted my dream car and the opportunity to drive it.

 They gave me every reason to leave.  Micronauts collectors gave me every reason to stay.  Without knowing it you set the standard and maintained it with ease while others continue to have difficulty understanding the word group.

You guys are the best and continue to be.  :-)  Thanks for being you!

Friday, April 28, 2017

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Ebay Sales and Canadian Tax Rules

 The reason I try to keep much of my sales off Ebay is for Tax purposes.

Revenue Canada sued Ebay for their financial records of Canadian Sellers.  Now, if I sell more than $1000/month on Ebay, I am required to claim this on my taxes as income.

So I get dinged possibly for an Ebay listing fee, a final sales fee, a paypal fee and then taxes on the sale.

If you buy something off Ebay that you plan to sell at a later date, KEEP ALL TRANSACTION RECORDS.  Then you wont have to ALSO pay a Capital Investment Tax.  You bought it with money that had already been taxed.  You are just recovering the funds.

CANADIANS...One of the highest taxed nations in the developed world.

I appreciate the trust when you buy through my blog, so if I can, I try to slip something extra in or make sure you get a good deal on the price. 

Its not much, but all tracked packages are 5% off on shipping...all the time.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Impromtu/Surprise Sale Posts

I am putting up Impromptu Sales Posts or Surprise Sales.  Rewards for the faithful follower.  A 2-3 Day Blog Sale on collection items at cost or below cost prices.  Please note Blog Sale prices are limited to while the post is up.  If they don't sell here they "may or may not" go to Ebay.  I might put them back up as a Surprise Sale again at a later date.  Im sticking to deadlines, so 6 hours can screw you on Surprise Sale.  They are  meant to reward blog followers who routinely check out Homeworld.  No advertised sales, just impromptu 2 or 3 day sales.  Timing is everything.  There will be no time extensions on sales. Once the post comes down, the sale of that item will be over.

Its to keep you coming back every now and then to check out HomeWorld while I work on projects and postings are down.  I don't want you all to think I've closed shop and shut down.

The KK prints were part of these Impromtu/Surprise Sale.  So they are no longer for sale since the post came down.  Another Sale will soon take its place.  Expect one or two of these a month. But you have to be quick.  Sale Prices only last while the sale is active on the blog.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

In Memory of Joe (Joseph) Sikic

This post is in memory of a man none of you know.  But to me, he was a great man.  Joe Sikic.

He was my mentor.  He took a confused high school drop out aimlessly bouncing from job to job and gave him a chance to determine his future.  His direction in life.

A European, Croatian to be specific and a hard man.  More than once he threw a part out of the shop during my learning process.  I wasn't allowed to read the newspaper or a book or anything during coffee breaks.  We didn't have cell phones then.  "I'm paying for your coffee break.  So you'll concentrate on work."  He'd say.  And I'd spend my coffee break writing down fractions in a 1/64th format up to one inch, calculate in my head the three decimal equivalent and then write it down and memorize it.  During the day he'd shout out fractions and I had to know the decimal equivalent.

My parents weren't his biggest fans and more than once I had to tell my dad to stay out of it.  It was a small jobber shop that earned me invaluable experience in the mid 80's when everyone else was out of work and only the most seasoned and experienced machinists were still working.  Nobody wanted an apprentice.  They all wanted machinists with 15-20 years experience.  Not a former prep cook. 

$6.00/hr  Don't laugh.  Its 1987.  Considering my previous job as a cook was $5.50/hr...I was in heaven with the raise.  I worked hard and laugh now at how he would teach me lessons.  Things I still apply today.  I always have the cleanest most organized work bench.  For a reason.  Things he taught me.  Things they don't teach today.  Tricks of the trade.  Tricks I have since adapted and applied to the action figures I make.

I wanted to have lunch with him.  To thank him.  For all he did for me.  Its been a few years since last we talked.  I was in the corner store when I saw him. wasn't him.  It was him alright, but younger.  It was his son.  Upon talking to him I learned that Joe had passed away from cancer.

I feel bad that I never fully told him how much I appreciate everything he did for me.  The opportunity he provided me and the skills he willing shared and taught me.  He was a hard man with a soft center.  A good man.  I feel very fortunate to have known him and to have apprenticed under a man as skilled as he was. 

I wish I could have told you in person.

Thank you Joe. 

Friday, April 14, 2017

Clear Colored Figures-Meh

You wont see me making too many clear colored figures.  The reason being, and there are several start here. 

Wherever there is a hole in the body, this allows light farther into the figure.  So the body shade will vary unless the pins going into those holes are the exact same shade.

You don't get the same shade for all the parts in one pour.  The smaller parts will be a lighter shade.  The larger parts will be a darker shade.

Painting is a problem.  If you paint black anywhere or darker colors, it darkens the shade around it.  sometimes changing the shade.

The same with combining clear colored parts.  The colors change.  A clear red over a clear blue will have the red looking purple.

So you have to really watch it with the clear colors.  What starts out as a good idea gives way to a lot more work and in some cases might not look as good as originally thought.  And then the extra left over parts.  And then if you get the shade wrong, which is the easiest thing to do, you end up chasing a color and making a whole pile of different shaded parts.  Which can happen with solid colors just as easily. Tinting is an art form unto itself.

This is just my opinion, but I think that's why solid white is used more often than not for clear colored figure accents.  Its the color least likely to change the shade or have the least effect on the shade of the clear colored parts.

Silorg Warrior Sold

I have a couple GEEG's left, some Palisades RF's too.

The BEST...ABSOLUTELY "THE BEST" MAGNO I EVER OWNED  and thus the last one to Silorg Warrior is sold. 

If ever you get the chance to own one...2 things...its a $500 + figure and B)...ITS WORTH "EVERY" PENNY.

Cast Repair

There are a couple of ways you can repair a cast if you choose not to throw it out.  And probably a couple more I know nothing about. 

The first...Sometimes when pouring a sprue mold, you may accidentally over pour flooding the spout.  This can produce an air bubble which may fool you into thinking the mold is full.   Then when you open the mold, you find half a cast.  These are fun for customizing.  Now if you are lucky enough to be able to achieve a full seal by reinserting the cast back into the mold, then first simply cut out the part of the cast that failed put it back into the mold making sure it is 100% seated, and fill the rest of the mold.  You can have fun by changing the color...or not.  I've had success blending the same color together seamlessly in 2 or 3 pours.

If its a Smush mold, you can do the same as the above.  Cut out the bad, reinsert cast into the mold, and add more resin.  Sometimes that's not an option either.  Sometimes where the cast fail happens, particularly in sprue molds, prevents simply cutting out the cast fail and adding more resin.

If its a high detail area, depending on the amount of resin used for the complete cast, I might suggest simply scrapping the piece and checking the mold for what could be causing the problem and try again.  Sometimes its not worth it to save and fix.  How much time are you willing to invest to save the failed cast?  Is it worth it?  Its not always.

If its in an area that can be worked back into form with a little sanding and ingenuity, then I would suggest taking some clay and building a little bowl around the hole which you would then fill with resin.  The clay bowl keeps the resin from running all over the cast and ensures the failed area is fully filled.  The bowl doesn't need to be very high.  Simply tight to the cast and slightly higher than the cast surface.  You can easily remove the clay after the resin has cured.  What doesn't easily sands off.  You then sand/rework the detail back.  This method works well for flat, geometrical surfaces or areas where detail is easy to rework manually.

Those are the methods I use when I repair casts.  Of course, you don't need to have a cast fail to have fun with the cast.  You could intentionally under pour or pour discriminately to achieve results of a more specific nature.

Saturday, April 8, 2017


We're getting older.  And as we do some of us have issues of one kind or another. my teeth and 35 years of smoking hasn't helped.  I take after my mother with having bad teeth and no Dental plan until I was 30.

So how is this blog relevant?

Imagine this...Me...with dentures.  Think about it.   My mother couldn't stop laughing when I told her how much fun I can have with dentures.  Halloween dentures.  Every other tooth black and orange.  Christmas teeth.  Every other tooth red/white and green.  I could get a set chromed.  I could make a set of custom fangs.  Chrome only the incisors. 

Im not why not have some fun with my issues?  lol.

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Why Im Having a Hard Time Posting Right Now

Work for one.  Shift work is killing me.  Im always tired.  I have no sleeping schedule.  Another is its hard to have a running dialogue when Im busy making the figures.  The other reason is the figures.  I have isolated the main issues and discussed them.  While yes, I still can get the video's going and 1 or 2 more posts for an issue or two not yet discussed, but we've run out of discussion for the molds and problems that could arise for the past related figures.

I will need to move on to another project to have different issues to discuss.  Which will be happening very soon.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017


Nothing like fan support to change peoples minds. 

Mr Waugh, underestimated the value of his site to both collectors and the general public.  Upon hearing how much people were upset, efforts have been taken to salvage and reactivate ISO.  There may or may not be a domain name change, but ISO is in the process of being reactivated.


Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Customs Limited

  Im slowly making specific colored 3 3/4" customs of past figures.  In most cases these are one offs.  I made a bunch of parts in various colors for customs some time ago.  Im slowly making them.  Once these are all done, thats it.  I don't plan to make very many 'custom' Jade/Ronin figures.   Jade and Ronin will be limited to about 10-15 figures of each.  Ronin will not be ready in time for the September Sale.

 I'd REALLY like to get past this and on to other projects.   The steeds for these figures was supposed to be next.  But I dunno...its ALOT of work, silicone and resin.  Im thinking Im going to tinker with the prototype in my spare time (MUWAHAHA...What spare time?  lmao)  But focus my energy on a project I have been DIEING to complete.

I still have the Demons of Darkness to finish as well.

Dr Strange-Movie is...Strange.

I was never a Dr Strange fan.  But the trailer really caught my eye.  Trailers are made to promote the movie and ''MAY'' contain scenes ''NOT'' in the movie.  In some cases, in watching the saw the movie.  Like 'Movie 43.'  They took the best/funniest parts of the movie and turned it into a trailer.  Trailer was hilarious.  The movie a complete disaster.  You'd already seen all the best parts of the movie in the trailer so the movie is a let down.

Maybe its me... But Im BORED SHITLESS watching Dr Strange.  I cant follow the movie as my mind starts to wander because Im so bored by the movie.  I don't understand the plot.  Is there one?  The movie makes zero sense to me.   It takes too long unwinding the movie.  Cumberbatch is a fantastic actor...yet...Im guessing the lack of interest is what is making this movie hard for me to follow.  Because Im not interested in it, Im thinking of other things and possibly missing key points in the movie.

Odd...I really was geared up for this movie and now I having a hard time watching it.  Literally, the movie puts me to sleep.  Its a slow mover. 

Im going to give this movie a fair shake and watch it again to see if it makes any more sense the second time around.  The special effects are really cool. 

Its most likely me. 

After two viewings...
This is not a movie for me.  Im not gonna slag the movie because of my biases or likes/dislikes.  I guess you need to be a Dr Strange fan to begin with.  If you are, Im sure you'll like it.

Im not.

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Work Getting in the Way

Im very sorry I haven't been very post active lately.  It seems my role at work is evolving.   I have had to design and build hydraulic cylinders.  Something I am not trained for.  And its a rush of course. 

I owe you guys a few posts.  Im going to try my best to get back on track here and get to a few of them this weekend.  Like repairing failed casts.

Spring...busiest time of year.  But Im looking forward to it.